Learner Guidance and Support

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all learners and Apprentices receive the necessary advice, guidance and support in order to optimise their achievement on courses that are completely appropriate to their needs.

• All learners and Apprentices will receive advice or information specific to the course on which they wish to enrol. All Learners / Apprentices on Ken Bate Associates Limited courses will receive an initial and diagnostic assessment and an induction.
• The Service endeavours to make the courses and learning as accessible as possible, in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy.

Responsibility & scope

This policy covers all learners and Apprentices and all academic, learner support and enrolment staff who are involved in learner guidance and support.


  • All learners will be encouraged to disclose their additional support needs before starting a course.
  • The need for Learning Support will be captured through: the enrolment form, initial assessment, the ILP process and assessors monitoring of learners during the course /programme.
  • All learners who identify additional support needs will be invited for a personal interview (wherever appropriate) where the learner will discuss and agree to a learning support plan.
  • Learning support will be provided on an appropriate basis which will include 1:1 support, group support, classroom support, specialist assessment, drop-in sessions and IT support.
  • All Learning Support will be recorded in ILP’s and will document the type of the support provided and progress towards agreed goals. The ILP will be reviewed regularly by learner and assessor who will sign and date each review.
  • The following are the joint responsibility of all assessors and the quality lead:

  • When it is not possible for the Service to meet the support needs of a learner then that learner will be referred to other provision.
  • All learners will have the opportunity to evaluate the advice, guidance and support they have received.
  • Assessors will regularly monitor provision through: learner, assessor and employer feedback, standardisation meetings and achievement data.
  • Monitoring

    The operation of this policy is monitored and evaluated through:

  • The Annual Self-assessment Report -SAR
  • Reports to the Managing Director
  • The policy is reviewed every year by the managing Director