Sustainability Policy Statement

In this statement the term ‘sustainability’ includes the natural, built, economic and social environments of which Ken Bate Associates Limited is involved in.
Ken Bate Associates Limited recognises its sustainability obligations to its staff, visitors, communities and stakeholders – both locally and nationally – and to present and succeeding generations.
We are fully committed to implementing the requirements of all relevant sustainability legislation and regulations and, where possible, exceeding any relevant minimum requirements.


Ken Bate Associates Limited looks to enhance the welfare of its staff and clients and future generations and will work towards a clean environment and economic prosperity and quality of life. Staff and contractors are expected to follow all aspects of this policy.
Where ever possible Ken Bate Associates Limited will engage in practices and actions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Continue to increase business competitiveness and efficiency by helping our business to adopt sustainable practices. Adopt a low carbon future ethos
We will encourage all our staff to become good corporate citizens and adopt sound policies on Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental management including safe waste disposal.
We will:

  • Develop people and give opportunities for them meet the local labour needs, through training and will ensure everyone has access to education and training opportunities.
  • Ken Bate Associates Limited will raise awareness of environmental issues, and encourage the use of best practice in all areas of operation and partnership working.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste improve energy and water efficiency as far as possible and encourage others to do the same ensuring sustainable development principles are at the heart of our planning.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Continue to encourage staff, learners and the public to reduce the amount of pollution to levels which do not harm human health or the environment.
  • Encourage increased understanding of sustainable development
  • Environment Policy and Statement Ken Bate Associates Limited acknowledges and takes responsibility for the environmental impact of its activities. The company is committed to mitigating the impact of its operations and behaviours on the natural environment.
    The company complies with environmental legislation. It works to increase awareness of environmental responsibility amongst its staff, learners, partners and key stake holders.
    In keeping with its tradition of innovation and intellectual excellence, Ken Bate Associates Limited also outlines the following policies and practices, which it will uphold in order to further improve its environmental performance. We will implement policies and procedures that will contribute to a reduction in our carbon footprint and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.


    1. Promote, monitor and improve environmental policies and practices in their areas of activity.

    Waste Reduction

    Reduce the volume of waste within our company by reducing consum