Work Based Integrated Studies (WBIS)

The WBIS framework is an approach to credit-based, flexible work based learning which allows a programme to be developed from off the shelf modules and allows individuals to accredit work they have developed in the workplace. The framework is validated by the University of Chester. Students can negotiate an individualised pathway, based on their current roles and their career aspirations using Negotiated Experiential Learning Modules (NELMs) or they can choose from the generic management, professional development and leadership modules which can be applied to vocational skillsets.

The award and content of the programme is negotiated with the individual student, the employer or both. There are a number of ways in which H.E. Programmes can be delivered in a variety of ways – blended learning with blocks of classroom teaching supported online, in the workplace, or distance learning.

Key Aspects and benefits of WBIS

  • Earn as you learn – this is a work-based qualification (this can be paid work, voluntary work or an internship)
  • Pay as you go – you can access a Student Loan for this programme pathway.
  • Part time – gives you the freedom to work and fit your studies around the rest of your life.
  • Flexible – you choose your pathway and the speed at which you progress (a full degree is can be completed in up to 7 years).
  • You can gain academic credit for your work experiences and any other qualifications you may have.
  • Always related to work – you can renegotiate your pathway as your career changes.
  • A range of higher education awards to choose from – H.E. Certificate, Diploma of Higher Education or a B.A. / B.Sc (Hons).
  • Additional academic, financial advice and tutorial support to help you with adapting to higher education study.
  • High quality learning resources, access to the University of Chester online resources portal.

Entry Qualifications

There are no formal entry requirements for undergraduate programmes, although determination, commitment and self-direction are needed.