Case Studies

Work Based Integrated Studies

Donna Rawlings (WBIS, Tameside College):

” WBIS is ideal for me as a single parent working full time as it fits perfectly around life. It delivers on my thirst for knowledge and progression, whilst enabling me to find a good balance. I’m a fan of WBIS as I think it gives opportunities to those that otherwise would not have them, and offers education alongside workplace experience”.

Laura-Jayne Cox (Tameside College, WBIS student)

“I like that WBIS is a tailored route to suit any individual in their particular study needs. I have combined my WBIS credit accumulation with a Certificate in Education and so am bringing in credit at level 4 and 5 to my overall degree. The course also works around work commitments with it’s distance learning approach but I also enjoy the group workshops we have, so I feel like I am part of a group working together. The course enables individuals to use the professional experience they have acquired to achieve their degree qualification”.